Networking Products & Services

Connectivity is the key to success with modern office machines, and we have the expertise and supplies to get you connected with a properly configured network.

Office machines that are integrated with current technologies, you will save your business time, and costly errors. LAN Faxing capability allows you to send files directly from your computer while the Fax Forwarding Option eliminates printing of unwanted faxes through a preview of incoming documents. These can be printed and scanned directly to and from the computer or an email account, saving time and office supplies.

We can increase the speed of your network using our high-quality 550MHz CAT 6 solid copper cables that are made in the USA over the average, commonly used CAT 5 cables. CAT 6A cables with 10GBASE-T transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps are now available for order. (call for pricing)

Also, with 9 colors of Keystone jacks and 11 colors of cable boots, color-coding your network is a snap and allows you decorative flexibility for use with innovative office designs. Call us or email us for more information.